YARM: Yet Another Relaxation Matrix program
A program for performing nuclear spin relaxation calculations

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YARM is simply a series of subroutines written in the PERL scripting language that allow you to perform various calculations that may be useful for people interested in NMR relaxation and biomolecular structure.

The nomenclature of the YARM subroutines uses the "verbNoun" structure, in which the verb describes what will be done to the Noun. There are 6 main verbs in YARM:

1. &readNoun
     -Subroutines with the &read prefix handle all YARM file input (reading).
     -For example, &readPDB is used to read in a PDB file.

2. &writeNoun
     -Subroutines with the write prefix handle all YARM file output (writing).
     -For example, &writePDB is used to write out structure coordinates to a PDB file.

3. &calcNoun
     -Subroutines with the calc prefix perform a "Noun" calculation on the passed objects.
     -For example, &calcSpecDens is used calculate spectral densities.

4. &sortNoun:
     -Subroutines with the sort prefix sorts a "Noun"-type list.
     -For example, &sortAtoms is used to sort a list of atom names.

You can see a complete list of YARM subroutines grouped according to the of action they perform.