YARM: Yet Another Relaxation Matrix program
A program for performing nuclear spin relaxation calculations

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Subsections: Introduction | Data Fitting
      YARM uses the PERL scripting language as its command interpreter. As such, learning how to use YARM mostly involves learning PERL. If you already know PERL, then you are 95% of the way to being able to use YARM. In fact, YARM is nothing more than a bunch of callable PERL subroutines, designed to perform various calculations that might be useful for people interested in biomolecular NMR.

      PERL was chosen as the command interpreter because it is designed to work easily with text files, and has powerful built-in tools for data manipulation. PERL is simple to use, once you understand a few of the basics. The sub-section entitle "Using PERL" is essential, it explains some of the basic PERL concepts used over and over in YARM scripts.

      While the "front end" of YARM consists of PERL subroutines, the "back end" of YARM is composed of programs written in ANSI C. The use of these programs needn't be understood by the user, as they will be called by the PERL subroutines as necessary. However, for those of you interested in such things, see the subsection entitle C programs for descriptions, etc, on this part of YARM.