YARM: Yet Another Relaxation Matrix program
A program for performing nuclear spin relaxation calculations

Sections: Main | Using YARM | Subroutines | Theory | Samples | Resources
Subsections: Introduction | Version | What's New | Future | Authors
      Welcome to the YARM manual. Navigation is accomplished by using the "Sections" and "Sub sections" links in the navigation bar above. Your current location is indicated by the bold and black words above, so, for instance, you are currently in the Introduction subsection of the Main section.

      The manual is divided into 5 main sections. Besides this introduction, the section entitled Using YARM gives an overview of the types of problems that can be addressed by YARM, and the methodology to solving them. The Subroutines section lists, defines, gives example uses of all the available subroutines available in YARM. The Theory section is designed to give an overview of the NMR relaxation theory as implimented in YARM. The Samples section gives sample YARM scripts for performing various calculations. The Resources section contains various information that may be of interest, such as a bibliography list, a what's new list for this version of the program and links to other useful information that may be helpful. The Authors link contains a list of the people that have contributed to the code base of YARM.